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Walcownia Metali "Dziedzice" S.A. was founded in 1896. Walcownia Metali „Dziedzice” S.A. is a world recognized producer of non-ferrous semi-finished brass products in particular: brass rods, tubes, flat bars, condenser tubes for heat exchangers, as well as brass strips and coin blanks.

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All products are manufactured to our customers requirements in order to meet their expectations and provide the highest standards. Trademark “Dziedzice” is a combination of tradition and modernity. A hundred-year tradition, experienced and highly competent personnel together with modern engineering and up-to-date technologies guarantee products of the highest quality.

In our company, we focus on modernity, innovation and professionalism. Our clients’ trust is proof that it is worthwhile to work with us. The wide selection of products that we sell on the domestic market and export to many countries mean that customers all over the world appreciate our commitment and knowledge. We are proud of what we do.

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Walcownia Metali “Dziedzice” S.A.


43-502 Czechowice-Dziedzice, ul. Kaniowska 3


Production of non ferrous metals products


Distric Court for Katowice-Wschód, 7th Economic Department KRS no 0000084770

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47 750 844 zł

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Mariusz Mańdok

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Mariusz Mańdok



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Janusz Wiśniewski

Discover the history of Walcownia Metali DZIEDZICE S.A.

In those days the factory consisted of one rolling mill hall and employed 64 workers. The factory manufactured only zinc rolled products for the home market demand as well as exported them to China and other countries of Western Asia.

sheet rolling mill hall – the first hall as well the oldest one of the company

Expansion and development of the zinc industry associated with Giesche’s group situated at the Prussian sector caused crash of zinc processing factories situated at the Austrian sector, among other things “Zinkwalzwerke Dziedzice”. Therefore in 1906 a thorough rebuilding of the factory was started and production was switched over to aluminium products and planned manufacturing of copper and copper alloy products at further stages, whereas manufacturing of the main product i.e. zinc semi-finished products was still carrying on.

After 1918 the factory’s owners were changed many times. In 1921 the factory became a property of the joint-stock company with the central office in Morawska Ostrawa that associated zinc rolling mills situated in Provoz, Dziedzice, Oświęcim and Vacz in Hungary.

In August 1925 during the extraordinary general meeting of stockholders in Dziedzice the factories situated in Dziedzice and Oświęcim were separated from the joint-stock company in Morawska Ostrawa.

formerly – briquette plant, today – rolling mill division

As a result the Polish company named Walcownia Metali S.A. with the central office in Dziedzice was established.

Stabilization of the Polish market after the economic crisis influenced significantly on further development of the company. The number of employees still and considerably was growing thus: June 1932 – 236 employees, December 1934 – 524 employees, June 1939 – 909 employees. Every year the stock of orders was full and from year to year swelled including military orders as well as private market orders. During the period the investment activities were speed up. New divisions and departments were commenced. The structure of buildings became dense and the area occupied was too small for further development.

In 1937 the general meeting of stockholders of the company approved an erection of a new plant in COP (Central Industrial District). In 1938 the erection of a new plant in the place named Pustynia near Dębica was started. In May 1939 the plant located in Dębica manufactured the first lot of aluminium alloys ingots. The mother plant in Dziedzice was working fully charged and the plant in Oświęcim co-operated with it.

In the first half-year of 1939 the highest production of aluminium alloys, copper, brasses, new silver and zinc products was reached i.e. 458 tonne per month.

The separate historical period of the company existence is the Second World War and the Nazi occupation. The company named than Metallwalzwerke A.G. Dziedzitz started manufacturing copper and copper alloys products and aluminium alloys products in the first quarter of 1940. The company’s production was progressively increased but it was not enough for the thirsting war machine that was able to swallow multiple more. Therefore the company was reorganized and turned to production of duralumin sheets. Manufacturing of cooper and copper alloys products and most of all zinc products was given up completely. Needless machines and equipment were sold or transferred to Morawska Ostrawa and Laski.

After the Second World War Walcownia Metali “Dziedzice” started producing on June 16, 1945 year as the state-owned enterprise. The machines sold or given to Morawska Ostrawa and Laski were returned to the enterprise in 1947 year.

Within 1953 – 1967 further development of the enterprise succeeded. Production engineering of duralumin sheets for aviation and new production engineering of aluminium sheets named “Algrafo” for a typography were developed and applied, special-purpose strip division and ready-made products (constructions made from aluminium alloy sections) division was commenced as well as production of roll-bond sheets was started.

According to a decision dated 1 January, 1959 of the Mining and Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals Association seated in Katowice two plants were took over by Walcownia Metali “Dziedzice” ‘s management i.e.

copper processing division – hall being constructed

Zakład Metali Lekkich “Kęty” and Zakład Pieców Elektrycznych “Piel”. Therefore as a result Walcownia Metali “Dziedzice” became a multi-plant enterprise and consisted of:

Zakład Macierzysty WMD in Czechowice-Dziedzice,
Zakład “Oświęcim” in Oświęcim,
Zakład Metali Lekkich “Kęty” in Kęty,
Zakład “Piel” in Czechowice-Dziedzice.
Within 1968 – 1976 a new processing plant for production of brass and copper rods and tubes was erected and commenced.

bell-type annealing furnaces made by EBNER for annealing of strips

Through a period of 1985 – 1992 a modernization of the mother plant of Walcownia Metali “Dziedzice” under the banner “coin blanks” was carried on. The modernization contained among the others: installation of three strip horizontal continuous casting lines made by Demag-Technica, installation of a four-high reversing mill made by Zamet, installation of a battery of bell-type annealing furnaces made by EBNER for annealing of copper and copper alloy strips in a protective atmosphere. The division for coin blank production with a blanking press for coin blanks made by Schuler as well as a line for thermo-chemical treatment of coin blanks installed was also commenced.

strip horizontal continuous casting lines made by DEMAG TECHNICA

Through a period of 1993 – 1996 the modernization and the investment development were carried on. The phase was completed with installation of four strip horizontal continuous casting lines, modernization and adaptation to indirect extrusion of the existing hydraulic press named “Ewa” as well as purchasing of an up to date spark erosion cutting machine made by AGIE from Switzerland that improved fundamentally precision of die block forming.

drawing machines for copper and brass rods production made by SCHUMAG

The consequence of the constant development of the enterprise was considerable extension of a product range, the achievement of high quality production as well as breaking into foreign markets with products.

coin blanks production division

In 1996 Walcownia Metali “Dziedzice” acquired the quality management system certificate according to ISO-9002 standard.

As a result of two-year intensive activities carried out in order to attain the company privatisation Walcownia Metali “Dziedzice” changed its ownership status i.e. in 1996 year it was converted from the state-owned enterprise into the joint-stock company with the main shareholder Impexmetal S.A.

four-high reversing mill for copper and brass strips rolling made by ZAMET

The constant investment development was further carried on in period of 1997-2001 in order to keep the domestic and foreign market position of the company. During the period the following investment projects were completed: fourth 2750 t hydraulic press for extrusion of tubes (1997 year), a line for chemical and mechanical finish treatment of coin blank surface made by Rösler (1998), a drawing machine for rods and tubes made by Bültmann (2000), fifth strip horizontal continuous casting line (2001) and 20-high Sendzimir type rolling mill (2001).

Walcownia Metali “Dziedzice” S.A. is the known and fully appreciated on the domestic and foreign market producer of non-ferrous metals products that specializes in production of brass rods, brass tubes (condenser and general-purpose ones), leaded brass tubes, coin blanks, aluminium alloy rods, roll-bond sheets, aluminium sheets, aluminium and copper alloy sections.

A hundred-year tradition, experienced and highly competent personnel together with modern engineering and up-to-date technologies guarantee products of the highest quality.